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24 November 2020 @ 10:08 am


you have reached Nina Amni's journal.
This journal is mainly about real life happenings, fangirling
 (mainly on fandom Arashi), and random stuff.
Feel free to look around and let me warn you though,
read at your own risk!
have a nice day ^__^

credits to asian_dream_gif :)
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29 January 2012 @ 06:39 pm

apparently, make up does not only do wonders to girls, but guys, too.

I re watched do re mi fa so la ti do when Dah came to my house and wanted to watch that movie. And I find it hard to believe the main actor for that movie and the drama You're Beautiful is actually the same person. He look so different then!

In Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do:

In You're Beautiful:

Why does korean guys have to look so pretty? Didn't they know that characteristic is much more synonym with girls? sheesh.  He looked better with that typical-fanfic-character-look anyway.

credits to http://mytikajks.blogspot.com/ and http://twoowlsstudio.blogspot.com/ for the photos

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24 January 2012 @ 11:39 pm

ARASHI is my ultimate fandom. yeah, there's no denying on that.

Yes, I love Shinhwa, Fly to the Sky and Big Bang. I have their albums. I have their concert dvds. I watched their music videos. And I do other fangirling stuff.

But Arashi... this is different.

Ever since I went off to boarding school, I haven't been doing much downloading. Even though I have much more free time now, I'm not that productive when it comes to downloading. 

In fact, I barely keep track of what's happening to them, to be honest. Somehow, things come up and the next thing I know, I've lost track of the singles they've released and the dramas they starred in. 

When I listened to their songs again, wow. I forgot how much I love their songs. 

Yes, its been a while since the last time I listen to their songs, but it wasn't long till I find myself singing along, then scrambled to vids of their tv shows and laughing my ass off.

yep. that's how dorky these boys can get.

but they're cool, too, see, this pic screams out storm! storm! ><

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23 January 2012 @ 02:18 pm
*reading up SOPA issue*


how can i be so katak di bawah tempurung?

didn't know what a chaos it is, and what a bigger chaos will it be.

*off to educate myself more*
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08 January 2012 @ 01:47 pm
thanks to facebook, one does not even have to remember his/her friends' birthday. there will be notifications in case you forgot. 

not only that, you'll find people whom you don't even know and cant remember adding, and for sure does not know you well either wishing you on your birthday.

Well, that doesnt matter, at least the intention is good, but what bothers me is how some people can only make as much effort as posting "hb" on their friends wall. 

Why? is it hard to spell out happy birthday on your friend's wall? your friend who have been there to laugh and cry with you?

perhaps it saves more time.. or maybe it sounds cooler since you're using short forms. whichever it is, i dun quite get it.

I know everyone has the right to post however way they want, but still.. everytime is see people posting "hb" on a friend's wall i feel like saying, "hey, go wish properly lah!"

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06 January 2012 @ 10:01 pm
*recounting story*

first day of college. wow. big deal. duhh, of course it is. registration is as usual of course, but its not just "hey,lemme show you your class" or "hey, i'll show you your dormitory".

This time, its "hey, the contract wth your scholar will be given tomorow, now this is the key to your house"


okay, its not that spacious, but its fine. the toilet is a bit old though. but furnitures are brand new. Thank god I got awesome housemates :D

Other than that, I had fun making new friends and trying to figure out how on earth am I going to go through college life.
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03 January 2012 @ 10:41 pm
Today's been a long,long day.

Started off wth the computer test for the lesen thingy, and the people there were so rude! i guess because there's only two place in penang island to take the test, they dont care about customer service and stuff. it's not like there's competition anyway. but still, we're paying them! haiyoo.

As usual, being unprepared,mulalah glabah and stuff. ended up having sunday chocolate at mcd. so there goes more fat into my body.oh well.

Met hazeeqah, an old friend, there. brings back all the primary school memories. the kami-taknak-kawan-hampa-moments- who can ever forget?Lols.

Spent the whole afternoon tending the cats and boy, 7 cats are hardwork mann! sad to leave them, tho. but what to do, menuntut ilmu kena lah berkorban kan :)

The highlight of today is actually my time with umi and abah. Its too bad that afnan and nani cant come along to send me off, but ada hikmah la kan. We actually had loads fun eventho there's only three of us.

The plan is to drop by IOI mall to buy shoes, but the adidas shoe that I wanted does not have it in my size. Last2 pgi makan kat Wendy's,and had donuts from J.Co's for dessert. Now there goes more fat into the body. haha.

The kids at Cik Na's are soo adorable! Feels good to be able to meet them, and even more often in the future, considering the house is only lke,a few steps away from college. phew!

tomorow is going to be a bigger day for me. 

tomorow,im gonna be a college student. (woohoo! lets overeact even more!! xD)

tomorow,lets hope for the best from Allah :)
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